Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Easpa Measa + (R)evolution of a sun

Here's the poster....
and flyer

I made these for Niamh New Noise who's putting on the two of the best "hardcore" bands in Ireland.

I took the photo of a photo of the skull in the Catalan museum in Barcelona.

When in doubt about making a poster put a skull on it.


The Guesthouse

The Guest House project space is a Cork Artist Collective initiative.

It hosts open practice activities, within the context of a domestic setting. These include workshops, seminars, food events, reading groups, residencies, exhibitions, meetings, installations etc..

I made this poster using some brilliant photographs of Wayne/Persons taken on some vintage/toy cameras on a trip he did around Europe.

I had the honor to perform for this lunch-time event with Persons.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Infernal Method

A Drone/Black Metal/Experimental DJ night in Cork.

I took the photo of some trees reflected on a river. It reminded me of the rorschach blot type face paint of many black metal bands.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Couch Gallery

Dom and Allanah at the Couch Gallery in Cork asked me to give them some of my old copy books for an exhibition they're running for the month.

Superheros such as 'Baby Spiderman' and 'Bad Santy' along with powerful misspelling such as ausum(awesome) and the like.



This poster will be a work in progress as the event itself evolves.

I wanted to hand render everything and have lots of white space firstly to make it stand out from most of the poster I see around lately, also ZAUM is meant to be an event that is open and personal.

There's also a version with the characters second nose on full display.



I was really late doing this poster so It needed to be blatantly in your face. I had fun with layering stuff. Couldn't afford gold leaf though. Ah well.